Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Video Tracking Extra: Spiders at the Oxford Silk Group

First field alpha trial of the HVS Image 2014 Alpha

Well they are not "exactly" radial arm, but to us equally fascinating. So, a great trip to Beth Mortimer at the Oxford Silk Group on Monday to help them track spiders on webs moving from the old 1980s VP112s that they have to the HVS Image 2014 Alpha. This was essentially a performance and optical trial but we got lock on even on the smallest arachnid even without auto-thresholding and background subtraction and about five times the industry standard frame rate actually exceeding the old big-iron hardware boxes. Infra-red pick up from an LED source (peak 810nm) was impressive on the VX-800 camera.

In case you are wondering we'd expect 12 months testing from a first field Alpha to the release version.

Followed by lunch at the Eagle & Child after ("pulled beef" pudding and Brakspears) and cookies at Ben's Cookies - both highly recommended.


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