Sunday, November 10, 2013

Monday, 11 November, 2013 at Society for Neuroscience 2013 in San Diego

11:00 Milk & Cookies! 11am every day drop by and join us for free milk (and soft drinks) and freshly baked cookies from "Uncle Biff's Killer Cookies" San Diego's tastiest cookies.  "They really do make the perfect chocolate chip cookie." Free milk too. Make sure you come in time - they'll go fast!  At booth 335.

11:15 HVS Image 2013 Special Presentation:  Áine Mary Duffy, Ph.D., Center for Dementia Research, The Nathan Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research:  At booth 335.

Thioflavin-S staining and an antibody to amyloid-β (Aβ), 6E10, were used to examine Aβ-plaque.

11:40 HVS Image 2013 Special Presentation:  Bechara Saab, PhD, Brain Research Institute, University of Zurich:  At booth 335.

Studying the platform-relocation version of the water maze. A method paper on the technique which discusses the theoretical and practical implications of the paradigm.

16:00 HVS Image regalia give away. T-Shirts, Mugs, Pens, hats. At booth 335.

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