Monday, June 2, 2014

JSON Bond: Behavioral OpeN Data files in the raw

One of the most exciting things about Bond files is the potential to combine data from multiple sources in real time. When we look at how simple tracking data can be represented in a live BOND file (i.e. one that is being updated in real time) we can see the huge power of this type of data representation

"NormalizedTrackingPoints": {
"X:" "0000.500",
"Y:" "0000.500",
"ms:" "000000.001",
"X:" "0000.510",
"Y:" "0000.505",
"ms:" "000000.002",
"X:" "0000.523",
"Y:" "0000.511",
"ms:" "000000.003",

With this format both synchronous and asynchronous data can be stored and handled and data from multiple sources can be normalized and synchronized.

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